Premier Business events with HaneyBiz in Sacramento CA

Business Events with HaneyBiz – Sacramento, CA


“Everytime we host an event, we get compliments on the energy and the professionalism... Really I credit Legion's participation with us to those compliments.”

- Monique Brown, VP of Media and Operations  - HaneyBiz
Premier business event sacramento ca


HaneyBiz is leading the way in the Sacramento Region’s business development and entrepreneurial expertise. If you are thinking about starting a business, or already have a business and are ready to take it to the next level; HaneyBiz is where you need to be.

Legion has been providing audiovisual and event services for Haney Biz and their “Entrepreneur’s Unleashed” series for the last two years.

Premier business event sacramento ca

The Challenge:

Keeping up with Mark Haney! The CDO (Chief Dreaming Officer) Mark Haney has a lot of energy. He brings a level of enthusiasm that is both inspiring and infectious at the same time. Working with the HaneyBiz team, we strive to make sure the EU events are high-energy, high impact experiences for the attendees.

The Solution:

We convert the Allegiant Giving Center into an intimate event space that allows everyone to have that “front row” feeling. Using lighting and audio elements we provide a fun ambiance to the foyer to allow people to network before and after the event. If all the seats in the event space are taken, don’t worry! We also create a separate viewing area with couches and comfy chairs, so you don’t miss the show.

Premier business event sacramento ca

The Benefit:

Over the last few years, the HaneyBiz team has worked to put on excellent events.

When they bring in Legion they know they are getting more than just hired help. They are expanding their team with people who genuinely want to create a great event and who will have their back no matterthe task.


Premier business event sacramento ca

The Results:

Since launching the Entrepreneurs Unleashed event series, HaneyBiz has built a reputation of putting on some of the best events for business owners in the region. Their Attendance has skyrocketed and they have brought in new partners for every event.

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