Wildlife Conservation Network

Wildlife Conservation Network


The Wildlife Conservation Network is a non-profit with the goal of protecting endangered wildlife by supporting conservationists who ensure wildlife and people co-exist and thrive. One of their key methods of raising awareness is through their spring and fall Wildlife Conservation Expos.

The Expos give guests a chance to meet with world-renowned conservationists in person and hear their stories about protecting endangered wildlife around the world. Legion AVS has been a part of the team facilitating the expos since 2015.



When we started with WCN, they rightfully had a lot of questions and concerns from years past. Our goal was to give them the peace of mind that their event would go off without a hitch.



At Legion AVS we are unrelenting in our pursuit of flawless event production.

That means having redundancies built in, so if a piece of technology fails, we have a back up already in place to switch to seamlessly. It also means we will always have a crewmember ready to jump in and help problem solve should an issue arise.



Working as an event professional for so many years, you learn the pitfalls and pain points of putting on events. Using a highly trained and experienced team like ours ensures all the small details are handled. Pair that with excellent technology and you have a recipe for success in nearly any scenario.



WCN’s team members were able to focus on the presenters and attendees, rather than the event production, which in turn led to them having an improved Wildlife Conservation Expo experience.

Sophie Croen

Events Manager,
Wildlife Conservation Network

“We know without a doubt that when we put our faith in Legion that things will go perfectly.”