Plan An Exceptional Event With Legion

Meet the team that will be working with you to create your event.

Legion Group Stitched

The Story Behind Legion

Event production and planning can feel like an all-work, high-stress gig. Legion was born because we didn’t want to live our lives that way, and didn’t want our clients to either. Legion was founded by old friends, and we want you to feel like you’re working with friends when you work with us too.

Whatever event you’re cooking up, whether it’s corporate, political, a fundraiser, a premier, or anything else, we can’t wait to work with you.

Partner, Director of Events

Danny Burke


Danny has been in the entertainment business for over a decade. Starting in musical theater and concert stage management and progressing to corporate and political events, including multiple gubernatorial and presidential campaigns, he has a unique skill set to ensure events stay on track and on message.

Danny understands that every detail is essential to foster the aesthetic and ambiance of a successful event; with his expertise in lighting, audio, video and scenic design, he will ensure all the pieces fit together seamlessly.

Partner, Director of Business Development

Marc Barats


Coming from the San Francisco Bay Area, Marc has worked in a variety of industries from agriculture to tech. From his varied experience, he learned that communication was the key to success no matter the industry. Graduating from Menlo College, he has worked to cultivate his communication skills and incorporate them into our founding principles.

As Director of Business Development, Marc focuses on building a solid relationship with Legion's clients to understand exactly what you and your guests are looking for. Legion is able to make event magic happen thanks to his focus on clear communication from the first conversation. Marc will work to ensure no detail is missed and all expectations are surpassed.

Partner, Director of Creative Content

Steve Turturici


With more than a decade in the film industry, Steve brings a wealth of experience to the team. Coming from a background of music videos, TV shows and feature films, Steve has a deep understanding of all the moving parts that make a successful film.

From working on the overall visual aesthetic with the client, creating storyboards, organizing the cameras, lighting, and shot composition to working with the post-production team to ensure the final product is the highest quality, Steve will be hands-on for the entire process.