The Wonderful Company Event Los Angeles

The Wonderful Company

“you guys are absolutely the best in the business and working with you is beyond a pleasure. Thank you for your continued partnership with us and everything you do to make our events shine. Looking forward to many more!”

- Evan Gramis Director of events, The Wonderful Company
Scenic event in Los Angeles, California


The Wonderful Company is an amazingly successful company that people don’t realize they know. As the makers of Wonderful Pistachios, Pom Wonderful juice, Fiji Water, Halos Mandarins and many more prominent brands, they are an important player in the food industry. Recently, they hosted The Plant-Based Nutrition Leadership Symposium at The Line Hotel in Los Angeles. Legion supplied the scenic elements, audiovisual components and video and photography services for the event.

Scenic event in Los Angeles, California.

The Challenge

The challenge of this event was twofold:

First, to create an immersive event space that matched The Wonderful Company’s vision and stayed on brand and on message.

And second, to provide seamless audiovisual services that wouldn’t detract from the experience.

The Solution


Pre-planning, keeping it in house and attention to detail. After a walk through of The Line Hotel, we came up with a plan to bring their lovely patio feel into the ballroom. So we built a backdrop for the stage that mirrored the patio. We put down turf on the stage to bring an outdoorsy feel and wrapped the stage with matching wood paneling. Last, we built matching Front of House and TV surrounds that really brought it all together. 



To make sure the show ran smoothly, we created an off-stage area just outside the ballroom for the presenters. This allowed them a space to rehearse and gave us a space to mic them up. All out of sight from the audience.

Scenic snack bar for an event in Los Angeles, California

The Benefit

For this event, The Wonderful Company team wanted to create an inviting space that emphasized plants and greenery. Therefor, being able to offer fully custom scenic design and fabrication in house made a big difference. It really allows us to take an idea or design and make it a reality. It also allows our clients to design what they want, instead of what they think is possible.


Panel Discussion at a scenic event in Los Angeles, California

The Results

Over the course of the two-day conference, we were able to create a one of a kind event experience that showcased The Wonderful Company’s excellence in the field of Plant-Based Nutrition.  It was a pleasure to work with a team of such professionals and we look forward to doing it again!

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